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Invaders Toolkit

This Toolkit page has everything you need to get started as an Invaders of Texas Citizen Scientist. Check back often for the latest program information and document updates.

Citizen Scientist Handbook - revised 2019

Handbook Cover
Chapters 1-9 and Appendices A-D
Notification Letter
Revised instructions for the phone app (replaces pp. 39-41 of old version of handbook).


Blank Datasheet with Consent Form
Datasheet for Multiple Observations

Sentinel Pest Network

Workshop Announcement (PDF)
Workshop Agenda (MS WORD)
Sentinal Pest List (PDF)
Pest Dirty Dozen Powerpoint (PPT)

Supporting Documents

Invaders of Texas Brochure (PDF)
Invaders of Texas Brochure with Voyager (PDF)
Stop the Spread (Union of Concerned Scientists)
Invasive Species Texas (Union of Concerned Scientists)
Noxious Plant Register (Texas Department of Agriculture)
PlantWise (National Park Service)
Federal Noxious Weed List (APHIS)

Trainer Documents

Invasive Plant List (MS Excel)
Sample Workshop Agenda (MS WORD)
Participant Sign-in sheet (MS Excel)
Request for Agency Support (MS Word)
Sample Species ID Card (PDF)
Workshop Evaluation Form (PDF)
Data Validation Protocol (PDF)
Volunteer Interest Form (MS Word)
Host Duties (MS Word)

Teacher Resources

Getting Started On Your Own: Self-training and creating an account
Teacher Workshops: Creating a Classroom Login
Sample Lesson Plan
Environmental Science TEKS
Chapter Quizzes
Key to Chapter Quizzes

Informational PowerPoints

Workshop presentation (Fall 2016) - The presentation used at training workshops for the Invaders of Texas Citizen Science Program (PowerPoint). (pdf version large - 1 slide per page / pdf version small - 2 slides per page)

Invasive Species Background and Invaders of Texas Introduction (Spring 2013) - A general overview of the impacts invasive species can have on ecosystems, and an introduction to the Invaders of Texas Citizen Science Program.

Invasive Species and Their Impacts (revised 03/20/10 - must have PowerPoint 2007) - A general overview of the impact invasive species have on ecosystems.

Using citizen science data to update the distribution of key invasive plants in Texas, Presented by Travis Gallo, Texas Plant Conservation Conference, September, 2009, Austin, TX - Download Presentation.

Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus? Invasive Species and the Lady Bird Johnson WIldflower Center, Presented by Damon Waitt to Native Plant Society of Texas, Austin Chapter, November 16, 2010 - Austin, TX - Download Presentation.

Identification Resources

Key to Ligustrum spp.
King Ranch Bluestem ID Card
Field Bindweed ID Card
Bermudagrass ID Card
Chinaberry ID Card
Pincushion ID Card
Johnsongrass ID Card
Key to exotic thistles
Identifying Malta Starthistle Rosettes
Key to the Privets
Clover Identification Tips
Chinaberry vs. Soapberry
Cactus Moth ID Card
Herbicide Mixing Guide

Become a Reporting Partner

The Invaders of Texas program is seeking local partners to assist with monitoring invasive species. If you have a suggestion for a cooperative project, please contact