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Online Training

Welcome to the Invaders of Texas online training program for new and returning citizen scientists. You must complete all chapters and quizzes before you can submit observations. Good luck and thank you for joining the Invaders of Texas program!

If you have a citizen scientist login and password, please login before you start the training.
If you do not have an account, please create an account before you start the training.

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Chapter 1: About the Invaders of Texas Program

Chapter 2: Introduction to Invasive Species

Chapter 3: Field Preparation

Chapter 4: Species Selection

Chapter 5: Data Collection

Chapter 6: Using GPS

Chapter 7: Digital Imaging

Chapter 8: Data Entry Tutorial

Chapter 9: The Sentinel Pest Network

Chapter 10: The Eradicator Calculator

Chapter 11: TX Invaders Mobile Application

Continuing Education: Emerald Ash Borer Tutorial

Continuing Education: Preventing the Spread of Invasives

Continuing Education: Aquatic Invasive Species