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Invasive Plant Database maintains an online database devoted to plants known to occur in or around Texas that are suspected of causing invasive problems. With the exception of the Texas Department of Agriculture list (TDA Noxious Weed List) list and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department list (TPWD Prohibited Exotic Species) list, the purpose of this site is informational and educational and it is not intended to be a regulatory tool. Many of the species on this list are economically important horticultural plants but sometimes cause problems when they escape and establish in natural areas.

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FED - Federal Noxious Weed List, USDA APHIS
TDA - Noxious Plant List, Texas Department of Agriculture
TPWD - Prohibited Exotic Species, Texas Parks and Wildlife
IPAUS - Invasive Plant Atlas of the United States

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We are working to provide illustrated plant descriptions, ecological information, distribution, habitat, history, plant reproduction, management approaches, and other useful information about the species listed. Please contact the webmaster to contribute information.

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