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Pomacea maculata

Apple Snail

Photographer: Jess Van Dyke
Source: Snail Busters, LLC,


Apple snails (Pomacea maculata) can grow to up to six inches high—about the size of a baseball or human fist—although a size of approximately 1.5 inches is more common. The shell opening or aperture is large and oval or round and covered by a bony operculum with concentric rings that can be retracted into the aperture. Shell color varies from yellow to brownish black with or without dark spiral bands. Their presence is often first detected by observation of their bright pink egg masses, which are laid just above the water line on emergent vegetation, woody debris, and manmade structures. Remnants of these egg masses can remain long after the snails have hatched and fade to nearly white over time.

Photographer: Ko Ko Maung,

Egg case.

Photographer: Pam Rambo,