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Fact Sheets

This is the place where we post invasive species fact sheets and related publications. All documents are in PDF format. To view and print, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The New Normal? Not so fast..., Travis Gallo, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and Dr. Steve Windhager, Santa Barbara Botanical Garden
Rapistrum Restoration Ecology, Dr. Mark Simmons, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
THE SAN ANTONIO INVADERS: An Eradication Pilot Program (Poster Presentation), San Antonio Invaders
Brush Buster Mixing Guide, Texas AgriLife Extension
Photinia serratifolia (Rosaceae) Naturalized in Texas, Guy L. Nesom
Mistaken Identity: Invasive plants and their native look-alikes, Delaware Department of Agriculture
Firewood and the Spread of Emerald Ash Borer, John Thompson, Invasive species consultant
Invasive Species Texas, Union of Concerned Scientists
Concerned Shopper card
Dutch Elm Disease in Texas, David N. Appel, Texas A&M University
Zebra Mussel Warning Sign, West Central Texas Municipal Water District