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why should i care?

Everyone who lives in Texas should care because unless we can reduce or stop their spread, invasive species will continue to require significant dollars to treat, control and to remedy damage that is caused to public resources.

Also if you love the Texas outdoors, recreate in the outdoors or are in a business that depends on the health of the natural resources of Texas, you should care about invasive species. Whether you are a hiker, biker, camper, bird watcher gardener, fisherman, boater, hunter, logger, forester, rancher or farmer, invasive species can have a negative impact on you.

For example, species like giant salvinia and zebra mussels can take over lakes and make boating, fishing and general water recreation less than enjoyable. Zebra mussels can clog water pipes, which can cost millions to replace or repair. Terrestrial species like king ranch bluestem and buffel grass can take over prairies and make the land uninhabitable for many plant and animal species.