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East Texas Pineywoods

The East Texas region is primarily a thick forest of pines, hence the name Pineywoods! This woodland is part of a larger forest that extends into Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. The terrain is rolling with lower, wetter bottomlands that grow hardwood trees such as elm, mesquite and ash. This region is home to a variety of plants and animals that like woodlands and shorelines. Among them are: cottonmouth snakes, squirrels, rabbits and opossums. Swamps are common, particularly in the southern most area of the region which is called the "Big Thicket."

Dirty Dozen Terrestrial Invasive Species

These plants have been identified as particularly worrisome terrestrial invasive species in the East Texas Pineywoods ecoregion. Click on their scientific names to go to the Invasive Plant Database and learn more.

Giant reed - Arundo donax
Common water hyacinth - Eichhornia crassipes
Japanese honeysuckle - Lonicera japonica
Japanese climbing fern - Lygodium japonicum
Golden bamboo - Phyllostachys aurea
Kudzu - Pueraria montana var. lobata
Giant salvinia - Salvinia molesta
Chinese tallow tree - Triadica sebifera
Chinese wisteria - Wisteria sinensis
Chinese privet - Ligustrum sinense
Mimosa - Albizia julibrissin
Chinaberry tree - Melia azedarach