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Photographer: Jeffery Lotz, Florida Dept. of Ag & Consumer Sci.
Cover photo: Jeffery Lotz, Florida Dept. of Ag & Consumer Sci.

Citrus Greening

Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus

Origin: Southeast Asia

Impact: Huanglongbing (HLB) in Chinese literally translates to Yellow Dragon Disease and it is caused by phloem-limited bacterium. That means that this bacterium attacks the phloem system of plants which is like the circulatory system in animals. This bacterium is carried to host plants by an insect vector, for Huanglongbing it is the psyllid insect Diaphorina citri (Asian Citrus Psyllid) and is fatal to the trees.

Leaves of newly infected trees develop a blotchy mottle appearance. Fruit from HLB-infected trees are small, lopsided, poorly colored, and contain aborted seeds. The fruit retains its green color at the navel end when mature, which is the reason for the common name citrus greening disease. This fruit is of no value because of poor size and quality.

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