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Photographer: David Hall, USDA-ARS
Cover photo: Pest & Diseases Image Library,

Asian Citrus Psyllid

Diaphorina citri

Origin: Southeast Asia

Impact: Asian Citrus Psyllids are small brownish insects (1/8 in.) that usually feed on the underside of leaves draining phloem from the plants. They feed with their heads down almost touching the surface of the leaf at about a 45° angle. It feeds on any species of Citrus and spreads Citrus Greening (Huanglongbing) which is fatal to the trees.

Adults will feed at their 45° angle which can be eye-catching compared to how aphids or other phloem-feeding insects act. The edge of their out wings have brown mottling which is always broken up by a pale stripe. Seeing them on your citrus is most unwelcome. All five instars (nymphal growth stages) are mostly yellow with red eyes, wing pads become apparent in the fourth and fifth instars. The larvae will leave white, waxy secretions that are visible to the eye. black with white spots, but the fourth and final instar also has red patches on the body.

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